Baba Socks

This last week was just rough. I’m glad its ending… ZJ is doing better. He’s been getting better the past few days, but for some reason whatever he had is taking its time completely going away. Thankfully no one else has gotten sick so far… Hoping/praying we avoid that happening.

Is kind of odd, ZJ is a sweet little boy and sick he’s even more so… but at the same time he’s being mean more, at least as he gets better. It’s probably a coincidence, he does all those things normally… The thing I have trouble not laughing with is after he hits one of us he immediately gives us a kiss.

Anyways, I have a lot to do today… have a pic or two I wanted to share though. Yesterday ZJ found a pair of Baba’s socks. He kept trying to put them on, was adorable.. Finally Baba put them on him and I got these pics:


One thought on “Baba Socks

  1. Tania Dakka says:

    LOL How cute! Hope he feels better soon:)

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