Bits & Pieces

Honestly I don’t really feel like sitting down and doing a whole post so I’m going to do a stream like thing as I feel like it… have several things I’ve thought about putting on posts and just haven’t so I figured this would work better.

Most of this week has been… well its been fun lol. I’ve been watching Uncle Bud’s girls in the mornings. Kalila has been thrilled having them over. I have too… I think its been good for my kids though really, they’re starting to play in their room more and everything has just gone more smoothly in the mornings. Now… afternoons have become a nightmare lately, but that started before they started coming over so I don’t think that’s connected at all lol. Right now both are asleep and I was so thankful for that that I had a big chocolate cupcake 😀

Gotta love free samples. I signed up for news about Hylands Teething Tablets awhile back and they sent a bunch of us on the list a free bottle of their stress relief formula. The timing for when it came in was kinda funny… I was already thinking that I’d like to try more of their products though and now I know I do.  I definitely recommend this one anyway.

With extra kids in the house I’ve been trying to stay on top of breakfast a little better. I want to be doing that anyway. I promised the girls pancakes yesterday (for today) so I got on Weelicious last night & found this recipe for whole wheat oat pancakes.  They went over pretty well… I think they need a little tweaking, not that I think the recipe itself is an issue I’m just not great at pancakes.I’m looking forward to tomorrows plan too… I found a french toast w/ cream cheese and blueberries recipe on their too. Maybe I’ll post about it tomorrow, we’ll see lol.

For those of you following the Habiba story, if you haven’t heard she was reunited with her daughter today. There are lots of news articles about it and I don’t have one up so I’ll leave that to you (though I do have one linked on the blogs FB page). I was very happy to see that this morning though!

Am apparently calling the pedi in the morning 😦  Please pray everything is alright… ZJ’s swollen a bit and apparently there’s lymph nodes in that area. I should not have looked up what it could be. Sometimes I hate google lol.  Better safe than sorry right? Thankfully Baba (while telling me to call) is being great about keeping me calm or trying to anyway.

We have a new friend around here.. the twinkle fairy. Long story… but cute. I’ll tell you about that later though lol.

Had an incredibly cute moment earlier… Mumble was rubbing on Baba & Kalila and ZJ must have thought it was cute or funny or something because he got off of me and about ran over there… Mumble walked over and rubbed on him too. Note: she comes up to his waist. He backed up a bit. She walked over and rubbed again. He moved again… He had this funny look, half smiling and half… confused maybe? Unsure is prob closer. It was just adorable though. He loves the kitties but she’s never done that before.

Kalila has been talking about death a lot lately. I’m not sure why.. but almost every night in her prayers she says something about thanking God for our food so we don’t die ???  Actually I think that might be partly our fault for telling her the rolly pollys need to stay outside so they can get food… is still kind of disconcerning though. Tonight was worse, she kept saying “if I die” … ()@*#_#W@#)(*#@($)*@#*)#@(*    Not something I’m comfortable hearing come out of her mouth…

I can’t really think of anything else right now… so ready for bed. I have some pics to share later, but it’ll wait.



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