14 Months…

Ok, not quite since he won’t technically be 14 months until the 30th… but still. ZJ has gone about 14 months with out any real (not counting well visits) trips to the doctor. He’s been sick… several times. But… nothing we needed to go in for.

Until now…

And I know I’m overreacting but I am extremely nervous about it. Not the going in part… I love our pedi. She’s great. I’m just worried about him. I know he’s gonna be ok… but I can’t stop myself from worrying about it right now. We have about another hour before we need to leave… Baba’s taking a nap, I wish I could too would prob do me some good right now lol.


2 thoughts on “14 Months…

  1. Keith says:

    don’t worry about worrying. it’s natural. I guess no matter how many times you go through it, whether it’s your second kid or your 5th, we still never like it when our kids get sick. To me it’s so much worse when the kid isn’t old enough to really tell you what’s wrong. Not looking forward to Rylan’s first cold. I do hope everything is okay and he’s back to normal soon!

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