First Hospital Stay…

Not a milestone I really wanted to hit :-/

Short version (for those of you not on FB) – ZJ has an infection and one of his lymph nodes is swollen up pretty badly. He’s (we’re) staying here at the hospital until it goes down…

Slightly longer version – I noticed the swelling last night & I’m sure I mentioned before that I freaked myself out pretty badly looking it up. Swollen lymph node and hernia were the two main things I’d found and neither sounded great. We called the pedi this morning and they had us come in… we couldn’t in the morning so we set it for 2. Dr M looked at him, called in another pedi and they said it looked like a hernia and paged a pedi surgeon to see if he wanted us to go in to his office. He said (after we waited forever) for us to come straight to the ER.

Here… Thankfully we got in very quickly and the doctor we saw tried to push the “hernia” back in… Baba and I held him down and it was just awful… He fought us all pretty badly. The IV was worse… He screamed for a bit and then just started shaking his head and crying “Owie Owie Owie”.  He calmed down with me holding him after that, and only got a little upset during the ultrasound… by the time it was finished he was sitting up and acting all cute. We made it back to the first room to find out that it was not a hernia (whoo hoo no surgery), but was the lymph node… She said they wanted to admit him overnight/until its down… and that he’s getting antibiotics.

As I lost the rest of my post… arg.

Anyways… Basically he got his first round of meds, got moved to his own room and is doing pretty good. Is sound asleep on me right now. I’m very glad he is too, not just because he needs it but because he discovered that the thing they use to keep his IV in makes a good weapon.  I’m prob gonna be on a lot tonight just because I need to stay awake (I doubt he’ll let me lay him down in that thing over there) but not sure when I will post again, may be awhile…


5 thoughts on “First Hospital Stay…

  1. I hope he gets better soon!!! It’s so hard seeing your kids hurting. Hang in there.

  2. christy says:

    Oh no! Poor little babe.

  3. Mama Kalila says:

    Thanks everyone… He seems to be feeling fine, just isn’t completely :-/

  4. Deborah says:

    Poor thing! I’ve been off the internet while traveling so I’m off to read the update posts now …

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