Another Night

Sigh… It looks like we’ll be here at least another night. The nurse came in and told me awhile ago (a few hours ago I think) that they would draw more blood in the morning. I’m assuming we won’t see the dr again until after that is done.

The swelling does look like its gone down…. a little. So hoping this stuff is working. We got him a probiotic too, which he wasn’t too thrilled with taking but as much as he needs this stuff I don’t want him to get sick from it either.

They got us a real bed last night too so we finally got some real sleep… He’s sleeping again now, not sure if I’m gonna move over just yet and try to rest too (exhausted) or stay up a little longer.

Thankfully he’s acting pretty normal still… was dancing at one point and keeps trying to get down and ahold of everything. Enjoying having a break while he sleeps lol.



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