I had a whole happy post planned out, really I did… and hopefully tomorrow I will remember what all I wanted to say on it lol. But instead I’ve got another ZJ post…

The pedi’s office told us earlier this week that if we didn’t hear back by Friday about the test results to give them a call. I didn’t so I did… was obvious that we needed to call today/yesterday/whatever anyway because we were pretty sure the swelling and redness had gone up.  The purple had gone away though so were very excited about that and hoping it was a good sign. I left a message and Dr. M called me back this afternoon (or yesterday?) and said that she wanted us to head back to the ER this/yesterday evening since that was happening despite the antibiotics he was on. She gave us the test results too, but… I don’t know if she read them wrong or if there was a mixup. Either way we got bad info and I was a little worried heading into the ER.

She told us that he showed signs of the bacterial infection they tested for, but as if he’s had it in the past… We got there and found out no, he does have it and its right in the middle of its cycle when the numbers show up at their highest.  Long story short, we did a lot of waiting, some more blood tests and an IV (not hooked up though), another ultrasound and more waiting… before finding out that they talked to an Infectious Disease specialist who wants to see  him on Tuesday and suggested stopping the meds he’s on and putting him on two new ones and gave us info on what to expect. Most of it I recognized from looking online. Its gonna take a long time for this to go away most likely… meds don’t always help, may have to just run its course… and very well may get worse before it gets better. He’s ok though! Is actually a good thing compared to others it could have been.

In some ways it was a lot easier trip than the last one we  had… We knew what we were dealing with from the beginning, I’m sure that had a lot to do with it.. We weren’t quite as freaked out. In others it was harder. ZJ seemed to remember the place and flipped.  He started crying the second we walked in the room. After the IV the fits started. He got me pretty good… I couldn’t put him down so he hit, scratched, bit, headbutted, kicked… I’m sure I’m forgetting something. It was awful. They brought in some toys at one point and that helped for awhile… he threw another after the ultrasound though and worked himself up so badly he finally just crashed and fell asleep in my arms.  Yes I took a pic lol

Oh almost forgot, funny story in the middle of all that. Most of the fits were because they wanted us to wait until the test results were back before I could nurse him again. He didn’t like that… Well at one point he kept asking and I don’t know if he thought I didn’t understand or what, but he reached in the diaper bag, grabbed his blanket, and put it up over his head like “hello! I’m hungry here, I’ll even cover up!” It made me laugh… smart boy.

We didn’t really think we would be admitted this time and so glad we were right… Ended up waiting hours in the waiting room though because Baba was working and had the carseats lol. Its ok though, he had a great day at work so we didn’t mind a bit!

So yeah.. happy to be out of there. Very happy to know what he has and that he’s gonna be ok. I’ll try to post again soon cause I have several other things from the past week or so I wanted to mention.


2 thoughts on “Answers…

  1. Keith says:

    Oh what good news! Sorry you had to go through another hospital experience, but at least the uncertainty is no longer bothering you. Hope the remainder of his recovery goes without any hiccups.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Thanks.. It wasn’t fun going back and part of me was wondering last night if we even needed to go (after the fact of course), but I’m glad we did.

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