Looking Up :-)

Life has just been full of good things lately, despite the whole sick ZJ thing.

Baba’s doing well at work. I think I mentioned that last night… but still. He’s doing great and is excited about it, which makes it hard not to be excited about everything lol. Has just made for a good past few days.

I got accepted to write for the SA Examiner this week… I sent in my first article last night & waiting to see if it competely goes through. I had a horrible case of writers block and couldn’t figure out where I wanted to go with it until last night… Eek! But I felt a lot better when I got it done. Its nice to be writing again.Plus… its on African Travel so you can just imagine how much fun I’m gonna have with that!

Things are going great family wise… Not getting into a huge amount of detail, but Tia Natalie is back in our lives and we’re all happy about that. Even Kalila, who’s never met her but found an old pic of her & Tia Banay and has been carrying it around for months now lol… Speaking of Tia Banay, she had surgery yesterday… her tonsils out. She’s doing good (but sore) from what I hear. Very much looking forward to going to visit again, hope its soon.

I already posted about this on my other blog (more relevant there) but I got an awesome deal this morning on SaveMore. Definately recommend the site, they have a promotion going where signing up now gets you $10 free… which from what I’ve seen usually equals out either a whole deal or a deal plus some.Ā  Todays deal was perfect for me and I still have $3 left over.Ā  I can’t wait to go pick out a new tichel lol.

I got a free sample of some laundry stuff (will go into more detail later lol) from vocal point. I’ll write about it on the other blog after I’ve used it for awhile. I was a bit disappointed when Baba told me about it because I thought it was something we couldn’t use, but though I don’t want to use it with our diapers it should be ok with everything else (or in the washer in general). We’ll see how it goes šŸ™‚

The kids… Oh the kids… LOL

Kalila’s found a new favourite song. Taylor Swift’s Mean. Is a pretty cute song/video… and ZJ now has a pretty big crush on her lol. He sits and just stares. Its adorable.

ZJ’s obsession with shoes… He found a new pair to play with and they are so close to fitting him its crazy.Kalila got them for her bday last year and they are barely too small for her now.

Despite being sick, ZJ has been doing very well lately. He’s a little clingier than normal today, but not surprised after being through all that again yesterday. He’s doing pretty much the same things he normally does. Is just as happy as can be. Lots of smiles, hugs and kisses.

Kalila has started helping out more… seems like it happened overnight too lol. She likes to help me make the beds, even tried to do hers herself. She loves dishes… Now if we can just work on picking up toys! šŸ˜‰

But speaking of housework… I have some I need to get back to.




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