Happy 4th

Honestly today didn’t feel much like the 4th of July… No fireworks, which is good for obvious reasons but it still really stinks.  Baba, ZJ and I didn’t go out at all… Didn’t really do anything unless you count having pizza for dinner. Kalila went with Gido to the park for a bit though and had a lot of fun. Unfortunately she’s been hyper ever since lol. Oh well 😀

Kalila all ready to visit Gido

On a completely different note:  ZJ.  I kinda had mixed feelings about him and the meds for awhile. The infection he has takes awhile to clear up either way (anywhere from weeks to months) and both the hospital and internet searches said that meds might help it go away faster but may not and that it usually has to clear up on its own. The first two they tried (not together, one in the hospital and one after being released) didn’t and they switched him to two more… one of which is particularly nasty. Ignoring side effects and all that, I felt/feel horrible giving them to him because he acts like I’m torturing him when I do… and if it didn’t help?  But… Thankfully it looks like he is. This morning we noticed the swelling has gone down a lot. Its still very red, but huge improvement. He’ll just have to put up with me torturing him the rest of the 10/14 days lol. Note: I wouldn’t have stopped them anyway… not without talking to that dr they want us to call tomorrow.

ZJ just loves looking out windows 🙂


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