I seem to be full of it lately lol.

Sorry no menu this week. That’s aimed more towards Baba than anyone. I feel bad… We did decide on Frito Pie tonight. Thanks to HEB deals we have a lots of the chilli and stuff.  I tried a new/diff homemade helper meal at lunch today and ended up having to sub several things, a bit afriad of how its gonna turn out. I really need to get back on track with this.

ZJ is getting better still. The swelling is almost gone!

Exciting news:  I’m pretty sure I already mentioned that I’m going to be writing for the SA Examiner, but my first article got published yesterday.  I already linked my page there, not specifically to that article (although it is in the twitter section), over on the right sidebar under my new writing section.  There will be another link added into that as well very soon because I’m also a new editor on Natural Family Today. I’m writing in the Fertility section and, well, very excited about it. I haven’t linked it yet since I haven’t gotten my first post up yet.  Just so much going on here the past few days.  I have been trying to prep for that though.

I got the cutest picture last night… Remember this one?

Just like his Baba

I got one just like it last night. The pose was a little different (they both had one arm up and one down), but still… They were so cute. Not going to post it though, sorry! Both were shirtless lol. It was so adorable though that I just had to share… besides, gave me an excuse to see that old one all over again 😉

It just sounded like ZJ said “I love Baba”  awwww.  I think I’m gonna end this on that note.


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