Afraid of Growing Up

This morning Kalila asked me a couple questions about growing up again… Somehow it led to her asking who’s wife she’d be. I kinda laughed and told her that I didn’t know, but that they’d love each other (or something like that). Seconds later he face crumpled and she cried “But I love you…”  and started in on how she doesn’t want to grow up and leave us.Was followed, of course, by lots of hugs and kisses and all that stuff.

This isn’t the first time its happened.  More often she gets upset about the thought of ZJ growing up, she wants him to be her baby brother forever. I’m not sure where its coming from and feel bad everytime it happens, even though it is really sweet at the same time. I’m glad she’s not in a hurry to grow up though.


One thought on “Afraid of Growing Up

  1. deltaflute says:

    Sounds like she’s anxious about change. I remember when my brother went through the “dying” phase. He was in elementary school and was beginning to realize what happens when people die and he got real upset about that. I told him that it was okay. We all die eventually but I didn’t expect our parents or myself to die anytime soon. We had a good conversation about death being okay and after that he calmed down, but he did have his moments. I don’t remember him going through the “not growing up” phase, but I think he went through that one too when he was young.

    It seems we all struggle to deal with reality as we begin to understand it. I’m sure that I was the same way. I just don’t remember any of it.

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