Silly Moments

Yesterday I was watching something on tv… When it ended I turned it off. ZJ walked over and pushed the power button saying “Uh oh”. He turned it back on.  I laughed and turned it back off.  “Uh oh”, he turned it back on. I turned it off. “Uh oh”, back on. This continued for at least 5 minutes before I gave up and found a cartoon.

I keep underestimating this kid too. A few days ago Kalila told me he had something on the back of his leg… I asked him to turn around, not expecting him to at all, and he started twirling around.

Kalila… decided to turn our tub into a boat this morning. She was stearing at the faucet. She put a bucket over it too so she could honk the horn.  After awhile she decided stearing and rowing was too much, so she asked me to join her lol. We had a lot of fun while Baba got ready for work.

ZJ is all about Baba & Gido lately. Like more than normal. He goes running when he sees the car or truck. He squeels. He waves his arms frantically. Its stinking adorable.

We had frito pie the other day. Kalila swears up and down she didn’t like it.  She ate the whole bowl. ZJ refused to eat his at first… Shook his head and looked at me like I’d lost my mind.  I turned away a second and heard “nummy nummy nummy” and looked up to find him stuffing his face with it.

Kalila accidentally knocked ZJ down pretty hard yesterday. He went flying and landed on the floor a foot or so away. He didn’t hit his head thankfully… Scared me half to death at first but silly goose cracked up laughing, which made us laugh too.  I couldn’t believe he laughed at that though.

A few weeks/months ago I caught Kalila turning one of our clothes hampers into a slide… Yesterday ZJ did the same thing.  He looked so proud of himself too.

Ok ok… I’ve procrastinated enough. Sorry… been meaning to share some of these and just hadn’t yet… Have a lot to do today though and just don’t want too lol.


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