Haven’t been feeling all that great lately, so I have a bunch to catch up on both online (eek writing) and here at home.  Do want to post a few things before I get to that though…

1) The kids got into markers yesterday. It was bad.  I still can’t get it completely off of ZJ.

2) Mixed feelings about mentioning this cause don’t want to scare anyone… We’re all ok. But we were almost in an accident the other day… and I have something I want to share from that, that I think is pretty important.  Basically we went off the road and had a bit of a bumpy ride.. nothing major and all ok. But… I still got hurt (not badly) because of something stupid I did.  Please make sure you have your seat belts on correctly…  I’ve been trying to do better about that because, while we have at least a year or two before Kalila’s anywhere near ready for booster training, I know I’m not the best example. One of the things I’ve found is an issue with me is the belt keeps coming up by my neck.  I don’t know if I forgot to move it the other day or if it rode back up but either way I ended up pretty bruised from it just from that bumpy ride.. Not just my skin either, I can feel it down to the inside of my throat (which is the only part that still hurts).  I can just imagine how bad that would have been in a real accident… so please make sure your belt is fitting correctly. They do save lives, but not when used incorrectly.

3) Yes I changed my blog look again.  I really like the style of this one, but I know not everyone agrees. Sorry.  It’ll prob change in the next month or two anyway 😉  Since this has been asked, there is a way to scroll post to post when you’re in the individual ones… its at the very bottom of the page. There are buttons that will say next post and previous post.I also want to change my header at some point soon… already did it once, but just because I really didn’t like the one it came with and didn’t want to wait until I made my own. Not sure when it’ll get done though because I’vehad a bit of a problem getting the program to work.

4)  I mentioned I won a new diaper right? She posted it online yesterday and its adorable… I can’t wait to get it. Note: this is a Cow Patties Cloth Diaper.

5) Wondering how I’m supposed to txt Baba something when he left his phone here! Ok, I’m getting up.


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