Nanananana Butt Man

That’s what Baba plans to run around saying while ZJ’s in this:

Yup… Our Batman diaper is here!  Was funny when I pulled it out to show Baba he started in on the “Nanananana’s” and right at the end of that I turned and Kalila saw it and yelled “Batman!” at the perfect time. We all cracked up.

Very excited about this diaper. I went a bit pic crazy.  Won’t post them all, but here are a few of my fav’s.  Yes he got ahold of the hangers towards the end (I’m working on clothes on the bed), was kinda cute… He was trying to hang up my shirt!  He found a thing of soap nuts too and thought it was a ball 😀

Thanks again to Marni’s Organized Mess & Cow Patties Diapers 🙂


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