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Working on my second Examiner article right now, well taking a break from it obviously lol… I feel bad that its taking me this long between the two, but… oh well.  I am having a lot of fun with this one, its giving me an excuse to look up prices and stuff as if planning a trip. I can dream right? 😀

Was wondering how I was going to do Stuffed Bell Peppers without rice… decided to try it with Bulgar (still sounds good). And then it hit me… We didn’t get the peppers either…They didn’t look good the other day at the store.  Sigh…

My first Natural Family Today post just went up, yay!

ZJ’s been doing a few new things lately that I’ve been meaning to share.  The other day he walked up to where we keep the pickles (wild cucumbers = melons really so we’re ok with him eating them already) held his hands up and grunted. is the first time he’s done that, he usually only asks for one when he sees me or Kalila eating one.  He’s also started going over the fridge, banging on it and whining when he wants something that’s inside. Its happened a few times now lol. He’s asking for milk when he wants to nurse now, instead of just saying boo. Still attacks me when I’m not fast enough though lol.  I’ve had a sleep post waiting for awhile that I keep meaning to do too, but its gonna wait a little longer. Deserves its own post…

Kalila… I swear she’s grown again :-/ Yesterday she asked me to put something on Facebook (by name). I wanted to cry and ask how she even knows about that, but… yeah no she picks up on everything.  A little later she asked for us to put on a dvd of something or another (wait it was Seseme Street lol… She thought we had one) and said dvd. She’s also gone from yelling for Gido to heading over to his place more often… Kinda feel for him cause its harder to ingore. Today she came in and asked me why he wouldn’t unlock the door. I told her he might be asleep and she (literally) said, “I thought of that myself, but I heard him walking around”.  ??? I just sat there with my jaw dropped and couldn’t think of a thing to tell her lol.

Uggh. Doing roasted chicken now which means I have to thaw 8 lbs of chicken first. Dinner is gonna be so late 😦



3 thoughts on “Just Stuff..

  1. Keith says:

    I can’t say with certainty that he’s referenced facebook by name yet, but Grayson asked me the other day if he could “take a picture of me and post it online”. Considering he’s already mastered manipulating the ipod touch, it’s amazing and scary to think how tech savvy our kids will be by the time they are in kindergarten! Heading over to see the newest post right now…

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yeah its crazy… I mean I remember playing on my dad’s computer as a small kid and having an old one to pretend with (think tv screen monitor lol), but… I don’t know about Grayson, but Kalila has her own laptop (is a jr so doesn’t actually get online like the one a step up does), a video game system that’s not plugged in at the moment lol, an e-reader… She knows how to use the wii and will ask for on demand and netflix by name. Its just crazy.. We don’t have ipod’s here, but she plays tetris on the phones and gameboys too (yup still have those here lol). Thankfully she seems to be balancing it well with other stuff so far. Oh… and just wait until your baby starts playing with stuff, I swear it happens faster. ZJ’s already playing tetris (mostly pushes buttons, but I’ve seen him make a line somehow), he started calling people on our phone a little sooner… :-/ They grow up too fast lol.

  2. Salma says:

    I read your article MK…thanks I thought I was alone in this.
    Missed reading about the kids, I’m saving your address on my new(ish) page.


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