Where’d it Go?

Yeah I started a MPM post and it just didn’t happen. I think its prob for the best anyway because this is a strange week for us. Not bad… Just different.


Well for one we’re planning a date night! It was going to be yesterday at first, but moved to tomorrow… Which is perfectly fine. I’m very much looking forward to seeing HP and spending some (at least somewhat) alone time with Baba.

And… This weekend is the Turman Reunion!  I cannot believe it is here already! Or almost anyway.  We’ve been looking forward to it for… well pretty much all year.

Comp random… but I just pulled some cupcakes out of the oven and they smell soooo good. I used this strawberry shortcake recipe… I’m testing it out for Kalila’s bday.  I did one thing slightly different, about half the flour is similar to her freshly ground kind (bulk bins lol) and the other half (majority by a little) was the King Arthur whole wheat and much more finely ground.  No real reason for doing that, its just what we had… Right now we’re mainly using unbleached white (sigh… at least its not bleached right?) and this is what we had left from happy whole wheat days.  Have I mentioned it smells amazing?  I’m not making the whipped cream this time either btw… Using store bought.  I do hope to do that for her bday, but we’ll see…

Anyways… Between getting ready for this weekend and tomorrow, it just makes a weird week.  I have a lot to do.  And as usual the kids are into everything.  Lets see… today.. Lets stick with today lol…

  • Kalila climbed into the pantry and hid there. ZJ tried to get her out and got thrown across the room when she kicked open the door.  Yes he’s ok.
  • I caught them sneaking into the hall closet after toys I hid at least 5 times.
  • They turned one of Baba’s belts (that I have no idea how they got, its been missing for weeks) into a second leash for the little dog Kalila has so they could walk him together.
  • ZJ picked up and carried a 6 lb bag of oranges across the house.
  • Kalila insisted that the Kratt Brothers show is the “Crap Brothers” and argued it with us for way too long.
  • ZJ cut out nap #2 for the second day in a row.
  • ZJ managed to put on several pieces of clothing himself… none his and either on the wrong body part or only half on, but still…
  • Kalila lectured me for not drinking milk (blech!)
  • Kalila decided to share her popsickle with ZJ.. and thankfully he didn’t thow a fit when I took it away from him lol.
  • ZJ started showing off his “peek a boo” skills. Actually puts his hands over his eyes now!

I prob could go on, but I’ll be nice…  Besides, I have more I need to get done before bed. Btw… the cupcakes were good…  And sweeter than I thought they’d be, even without sugar.


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