Turman Reunion 2011

This probably isn’t the best time to do this post honestly, but…  Oh well. My weekend in a nutshell:

Thursday –

Yes I’m starting at Thurs for a reason.  I had a ton of things to do before leaving for the weekend and most of them ended up happening Thurs. Worse… somehow I managed to fall. My ankle gave out again, completely turned under and I landed on it and my bad knee… which thankfully is just bruised. The ankle is still swollen/hurts though.  Later that night I was trying to put the kids to bed and ZJ accidently hit me in the eye… not just in the eye… but IN the eye. Scratched it pretty good.  So here I was working like a crazy woman to get stuff done, limping around and half blind…  Only exaggerating a little… not blind, but blurry and in pain.

Friday –

We meant to leave early that afternoon.  Instead Baba got some sad news that morning (his great aunt passed away), then went on to his Spanish test (whole other issue), came back and we still had to finish packing and a whole bunch of other stuff that made us late. We ended up leaving at 5:30(ish).

I’d say the trip was fairly uneventful, but 3 hours in the truck was a bit much for ZJ.  We stopped of course, but he cried teh entire last leg of it… When we finally got there I climbed out to go get the room key (which reminds me of a whole ‘nother post I still haven’t written yet about why everyone, and I mean everyone, has to climb out through my freaking door), got ZJ out too and we ended up walking to the room and got to see everyone before Baba & Kalila.

We got to visit for awhile that night, had fun catching up. I haven’t seen my cousin Las in over 2 years… none of her side of the family has met ZJ yet.  Kalila and her youngest hadn’t met either… Just crazy.  Anyways, we all talked for a bit and got to bed pretty late.

Saturday –

The fun part lol.  ZJ and I walked over to the party barn, wanted to keep him out of the truck as much as possible…  He acted all shy at first but a dog came out and he was off and running/playing.  Mom & Nana showed up, which was a bit of a surprise. Mom just got back from Alaska & I really didn’t expect to get to see her, she’d told us like 2 days before that she’s going.  She brought the kids some toys and I mention this now because Kalila is beating ZJ’s pig with her Inuit doll because apparently the doll does not like the pig.  Sigh…  Oh.. apparently the pig is sad because he wants to marry the doll..  Anyways..

We had lunch, did the whole Truck Stop Olympics thing again. There are pictures. Many pictures.  Aunt Karen was mean and took a video of me too, but I can’t put up a video lately to save my life. I have two that I’ve been meaning to post.  But yeah I ended up having to flip a tortilla with my foot in a flipper up onto a pie pan strapped to my head… and I was in a skirt so you can imagine how well that went over lol. Gotta love it.

Kalila played with her cousins and had a blast.  I’m sure there’s more there but I just can’t find it.

Today –

We got up, had breakfast.. Said bye to a couple relatives.  Missed several others. Made it home in record time because the kids SLEPT the whole way back.   Rewrapped my ankle (left it here)… and then had a load of family drama thrown on me as soon as I got on here.  I’d say it was upsetting (ok so it was) but honestly I’m just Fing pissed.    Ok going to reword that (not take it off because it was very true when I typed it) and say that some of it has probably been a good thing… or good will come out of it, but still.. uggh.  I have a horrible headache now.   Oh hey food is ready. I eat now…



4 thoughts on “Turman Reunion 2011

  1. Oh my goodness, lots has happened. I’m glad you all had a good time though. I’m sure Kalila will miss the little relatives.

  2. Rae says:

    I am sorry for all that has gone wrong for you physically at once! I hope that you are healing well in every way.

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