15 Months?

Yeah writing this a bit late… I wanted to yesterday but, I just haven’t been able to make myself write lately.  It completely caught me off guard when I realized what day it was though.  ZJ is growing up way too fast.

He’s also getting into a lot more trouble…

He discovered my make up drawer… Granted I think Kalila helped him with that one… He’s constantly trying to get in it though.

He’s learned how to climb down from the dining room into the laundry room, so that door has to be shut & double locked as does the back door now.. Planning to get a chain to go on that soon too.

He fights with Kalila as much as she does him now… I saw him hit her over the head with a plastic book earlier today! Yesterday Baba spent a good ten minutes pulling the two of them apart over something or another.

He still loves to climb and colour and dance and all that fun stuff.  Its both cute and tiring all at the same time.

He does not, however, like dips… if its coating pasta of any kind he’s fine, but dip something in anything runny (even ranch!) and he absolutely will not eat it.  And if it gets on his hand he tries to get it off…

He’s silly… will do the randomest things to make us laugh.

He’s started clicking his tongue.

He’s starting to really use a fork… and doesn’t try to throw bowls now that we actually use them lol.

He’s still in the little jealous stage… He loves his sister, but if she’s on me or Baba (or Gido) he gets upset. He’ll drop whatever he’s doing and climb up and try to push her off.

He never fails to amaze me… From catching him pretending a toy med bottle was a bottle of shampoo (shaking it in his hand and rubbing his hair) to bringing me a clean diaper when he needs one to somehow knowing a second before Baba pulls in the driveway…

And he’s still incredibly loving… Gives us hugs and kisses all day long. We may get hit first, but still lol.

And because I can’t leave her out (and wouldn’t want to)… Kalila.  Little miss has been playing pretend with her brother for awhile now, but lately its been cracking us all up.  Her latest game is pretending that she’s a mommy and he is her husband. She goes around calling him honey.

She is still convinced that he’s the “cutiest baby in the world” and the best baby brother ever.  Sometimes he likes those hugs she gives when she says it, and sometimes he fights her off lol.  She loves on him a lot though.

And lately she’s been egging him on in getting into trouble.  They’re definitely teaming up against me…

And completely not on a ZJ note… I can’t believe that she’s going to be 4 in a couple months.

A few recent pics before I end this, mostly ZJ but have to include one of Kalila too.. besides its prob the funniest pic we have of her lol


2 thoughts on “15 Months?

  1. Right on little Z…trouble is fun.

    Seriously, 15 months? I had just met you when Z was born.
    Super cute…love them.

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