MPM 1 Aug – 6th Aug

Another month, how crazy is that… I’m determined that this is going to be a good one.  And one part of that is making sure our menu’s are planned. We’ve been pretty good at sticking to breakfast plans for awhile now (posted or not). My next project is making lunch easier. The other day I was talking to a friend with school age kids and mentioned something I plan to try with mine when they go… Bento.  It hit me that I really could practice that before its even an issue and see how it works.  My goal this week is to do that for lunch every day or most days (not sure if you can really count Friday’s plan in that) and see what I think.  I doubt we’ll really do it every day normally (at least before school starts), but it seems like I could make things easier around here.  And since Baba is at school around lunch time could really help out there too.  Note: you won’t see any Japanese food on our menu this week despite this… I’m doing it with stuff we have around here and starting off very basic.  We do love Japanese food though so I am looking forward to incorporating some of it at some point.


B – Oatmeal  L – Turkey Sandwich/tomatoes/apple slices  D – Fried Chicken w/ mashed potatoes & okra


B – Toad N Hole L – Salad/ranch/apple slices/raisins  D – Lentil Casserole


B – Waffles L – Tuna Sandwich/Tomatoes/???  D – Homemade HH


B – Bacon & Eggs  L – Mini Meatloaf/Rice/veggies  D –


B – French Toast  L – Beans/Rice  D – Tuna Helper


B – Pancakes  L – Turkey Sandwich/ ?? / Apple  D – 40 Clove Garlic Chicken


B – Cereal  L – ???  D – Steaks, ???


Yes I have some blanks still left in here..I plan on fixing them up asap.


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