Finally some more!

Not that I could get a picture of it (yes, I did just try lol) but ZJ has two more teeth coming in! The top molars. No wonder the poor thing seemed miserable yesterday…

Not really much else to say… The past couple of days have been kinda lazy.  I got a bunch of pics of the kids either yesterday or the day before…  I guess I could post those right? LOL

First the blackmail shots 😀  Both kids were mad when I took these.. and yes Kalila was covered in blueberry.

And here I was trying to get a cute one of them together.  I got a bunch of good Kalila shots instead…

Completely out of order, but got some of ZJ with Baba the same day…

Random other recent pics…

He gets very excited about the camera now...

Trying to catch his smile

Baba time

Kalila sleeping?

There are many many more lol, but I’ll be nice.

Oh… ZJ helped himself to Kalila’s strawberry milk earlier today :-/  He didn’t get a lot, but still… Was kinda funny but I was planning to wait quite a bit longer before introíng cows milk. We’ll see how he does… not expecting it to be a problem, but we’ll see…  Not going to make it a regular thing anytime soon though.

Speaking of milk… Have an embarrassing story to share just in time for International Breastfeeding Week.  Last Sunday we went out to eat with Gido.  Both kids had bean and cheese sandwiches and when ZJ started fussing to get out of his seat I moved him over and didn’t really think anything about it. I must have been really distracted or something because I missed all of his cues and he decided to help himself… in the most obvious way possible.  Then he got upset when I pulled a blanket out (yeah yeah yeah I know… being a hypocrite here, hate the things but its just been easier lately).  The whole things funny now… Ok I was half laughing at the time too, but still…

Before I go… I have several video’s to share and having trouble getting them on YouTube to share here. I can on FB but can’t move them over from there… One’s already up there, I’ll do the others later so I don’t forget about them altogether..



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