I was reminded of something last night…  & I just had to post about it lol.

Note: As the song ” You’re Gonna Miss This  ” has been playing in my head ever since I decided to write this post…

Last night I was talking to one of Baba’s aunts, she was holding ZJ and talking about when her kids were that little and one of them being a cuddler. ZJ is a cuddler.  I made a joking comment about how weird it feels not to have him in my arms because he’s always on me.

Second note: It was a bit of an exaggeration.  Its very much true when we’re in public or visiting family though. Here at home he’s quickly becoming more and more independant (which I love), some days he hardly wants anything to do with me beyond drive by nursing sessions (eat and run)… He’s just too busy chasing after his sister and playing.  Most days he’ll choose Gido over me in a heartbeat if he comes in (or we go out).  Other days he follows me  around and climbs all over me again… and either way once he gets tired he’s mine again.

Getting off point though… after I said that one of Baba’s cousins asked what I was going to do when they’re not babies anymore.  First responce: we hope to have more.  LOL  What can I say it’s true… We want a large family. And I love babies…  I love this stage.

But it got me thinking later too…  I’m going to miss this stage. I know that… Have never had a doubt about that.  But I’m looking forward to (most) of the other stages too.  And I have a strong suspition that by the time I’m in the middle of that I’m going to be so busy its not even funny lol.

Which is why I’m glad the conversation happened.  I have moments when, as much as I love being a SAHM, I get antsy from not leaving the house for a week (or longer) at a time.  Esp lately…  I’m gonna blame the heat there, the kids don’t even want to play in the backyard anymore.  We have ZJ’s walks but I can’t even finish walking him up and down the driveway most days with out getting sick from the heat.  But back on point, I think I needed that reminder even though I already knew it. I really am going to miss this.

Because right now it is still nice.  Kalila is (barely) young enough that she’s not involved in anything.  I won’t be able to say that in a month or so, but still lol.  That’s not saying we don’t have a lot of days where I feel like I’m running around like a head with its chicken cut off… but I know once the kids start activities and school and all that things will be a lot different.



3 thoughts on “Reminders…

  1. danardoyle says:

    I love that song…And you’re right! You’re going to miss this someday. I try to remind myself of that when I get overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood. Everyone I know who has lived through this time of “being in the trenches” says that it is truly the best days of your life.

  2. Lil Z-Bear says:

    Yay! I am glad your RSS Feed is finally working :)…

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