A Good Day…

Lets just say its been a very good day today for multiple reasons lol. Got some very good news in the mail among other things 🙂

And one of those other things…  ZJ’s Captain America diaper 😀

If you didn’t read my Cow Patties Review before, well I just linked it lol. I love these diapers.  They are so stinking cute. Probably a horrible description there lol.  This was supposed to be our last one for awhile, but someone decided to order his nephew a couple more… so those will be the last for awhile lol.

Anyways, this one just came in so its not washed or anything yet (soon lol). I can’t wait to get it washed and on the Bub though.  I love how bright this print is though… and the insert is much wider than our others.  I think that’s another thing (or reminds me of another thing) I should have put in the review. I love that they really are custom diapers.  The little differences…  even in inserts.   Is kinda funny though, I catch myself trying to pair the diaper with the one it came with even though they all work equally well for any of the diapers.  Ok this is starting to sound like another review so I’m gonna stop here!

Cute picture from today…  ZJ skipped his nap and this is what happened at dinner!

On not so happy note, Kalila’s been having a rough time lately.  Baba came up with another theory why today, cooped up in the house too much, who knows… but it makes sense. I know that’s been getting to me… Either way its made the last couple weeks rough.

But… She’s still as silly as ever:

And her latest… game? I guess… has been pretending that I’m Rapunzle. She insists that I call her mom as she pretends to be the witch and brushes my hair… Has been kinda nice despite the hair pulling.

ZJ seems to have changed his mind about strawberries, which brings up another cute story.  He was eating one earlier and babbled something at me… I asked if he could say strawberry and he yelled “no!” at me lol.

Everyone is having allergy troubles too.  I’m doing the best of the group so far, but poor Baba lost his voice Sunday and ZJ & Kalila’s noses are pretty bad. Hoping it passes soon.



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