Feathers Feathers Everywhere..

Its been an *interesting* past couple days…

Yesterday wasn’t actually bad except that I woke up with a very sore throat (spoke too soon the night before!) and ZJ was obviously feeling much worse. He slept most of the day… Things started turning around last night after they got worse in a kinda funny way.  Warning, slightly gross… I was trying to get him to sleep again (acting like he wanted too) but he didn’t and I got up with him again, not sure why… but glad I did! We got to the kitchen when he threw up all over me.  Right when it happened Kalila came barreling in the room and slid in it and fell.  She was so grossed out. The look on her face was priceless though… we couldn’t stop laughing despite how bad we felt for him.  Thankfully after that he started feeling better and woke up with just a runny nose.

Picture of ZJ yesterday... not feeling good 😦

Today… The kids were doing good.  I’m still not feeling 100% but determined not to let it get to me… Got to work in the dining room and living room because we’re going to be moving furniture soon and I had to get some of the smaller stuff moved first.  Did several loads of laundry (including blankets for the kids to use in a basket they like) and just felt really productive today…  Then I asked them to go in their room… Big mistake. 5 minutes later I walked in to find this…

Now… I spent all of last weekend (I think it was last weekend, maybe the week before?) organizing this room. I still needed to mop and they’d pulled some toys out that Baba had asked Kalila to put away while he’s gone today…  I don’t even have words to say how mad this made me when I walked in and saw this.

If you’re wondering what you’re looking at… That would be feathers… From a pillow.  They decided they wanted snow.  And of course instead of picking up toys they emptied the rest of them out…

I got most of it cleaned up… worked until I couldn’t breath anymore.  Will have to go back in there soon, I don’t want to leave it overnight…

There was something else I was gonna say but I can’t remember now 😦


7 thoughts on “Feathers Feathers Everywhere..

  1. tania says:

    Ouch!! Sorry, mama! 😦

  2. Keith says:

    One, that is an absolutely adorable picture of Z. Unfortunate circumstances, but great shot, nonetheless.

    Two, WOW. There is a lot of talent involved in the creative destruction of a room like that. Save that picture for a time down the road when they need to be reminded of how destructive they once were.

  3. Salma says:

    Wow, OMG, feathers? I would keel over from an anxiety.
    I remeber when Amira spilled a whole bag of sugar in rug…I just left it and took a nap.

    I am so sorry that the little Z isn’t well, is he better now? How are all of you…especially mommy?

    I too love that shot. Beautiful.

    • Mama Kalila says:


      Forget anxiety, I about lost it lol. I was mad.

      ZJ is doing a lot better 🙂 Still has a bit of a stuffy nose, but that’s pretty normal unfortunately. I’m doing ok too… I drowned it out with orange juice before it could really take hold lol. One morning of miserably sore throat and that was it. Now if life in general would just stop hitting me with blunt objects things would be great.

  4. danardoyle says:

    Sure hope you all feel better soon! You’re little ones are precious!

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