MPM 1 Aug – 6th Aug

Has been such a bad couple weeks that I’m going with as simple as possible this week. I think I can stick with this.  If you’re wondering about the ? on today’s breakfast its because I was up all night and slept through Baba feeding the kids lol. Apparently I missed K playing Mario Cart too.


B – ?  L – Sandwiches  D – Cream Cheese Chicken w/ Rice


B – (Turkey) Bacon w/ Eggs  L – Leftovers w/ Pasta & Peas D – Homemade Hamburger Helper


B – French Toast w/ Cream Cheese & Blueberries  L – Sandwiches  D – Cheese Enchiladas


B – Breakfast Taco’s L – Mac & Cheese w/ Veggies  D – Roasted Chicken & Chips  (Note: I normally take this recipe and only use the temp/time info… do a very basic roasted chicken recipe… but I’ve been wanting to try it and decided to this week)


B – Oatmeal  L – Leftovers  D – Fish Sticks & Veggie (?)


B – Chips Mayai  L – Leftovers  D – Stir Fry (variation of recipe… I’ll post mine soon!)


B – Cereal  L – ???  D – Chicken & Cabbage Salad



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