15 errr almost 16 month Checkup

Sorry not a whole lot to tell. We had a good checkup today 🙂  ZJ is 22 lbs 10 oz and 31 3/4 inches long.  Everything looks good.  He’s doing really well.  Poor thing did have 2 shots and an anemia test though.  Test came out fine (apparently he was borderline at the hospital, but back to normal now) and the shots weren’t too bad.

Kalila… has an appointment on Weds.  She’s getting her blood sugar checked.  Hopefully we’re worrying over nothing, but as soon as I mentioned a few of the things going on with her lately Dr M said she needed it checked before her next well visit.  She’s not happy with the idea of course… is sitting on my lap now trying to convince me she doesn’t want the test… or any shots on her bday lol.

A lot going on beyond all that, but I’ll save that for another post 🙂


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