Fluff Fairy and Other Good Things

First off, my title was really messing with me for some reason lol. Fluff turned into Fully… Other turned into God.  That one made me laugh… “Fluff Fairy and God” just sounds… interesting.  Anyways..  Lots of good/happy news and or moments to share today.

Kalila did not wake up last night… Was just one night I know, but we’re to that point…. any full nights sleep with her is more than welcomed its a huge deal.  She slept well… Granted she did say she had bad dreams, like always, but still.  She also did not sleep in her room at all… but the up side of that is we got this absolutely adorable picture last night!

We had her appointment this morning.  Poor thing was very nervous about it, but she did great.  She didn’t cry at all, but did complain that it hurt when they pricked her finger.  Her blood sugar was normal.  Yay!  The one not so great thing was the nurse scared me a bit when she saw it… said it was in the normal range but expected it to be lower since she was fasting and was going to discuss it with Dr M… who came in and was completely ok with it.  Huge relief there.  She did recommend a couple books (again) for strong willed children lol and is having us watch for headaches.  I’ve only heard her complain of one once (mimicking me I’m sure lol) and so don’t think what she was talking about is an issue but see why (and glad)  she told us to pay attention.

From there we went to see a friend I grew up with who lives pretty close now, but is moving back home.  I wish we’d been able to get together sooner, but was nice getting to visit.  They passed along a couple couches they didn’t want to take back (which means we’re about to pass along our old one too), so we picked those up and the kids played a bit.

Which brings to mind. We’d had a big house project planned for this week or so pretty much all summer… and that worked into it perfectly. We’ve spent the past few days moving pretty much everything.  Baba impressed me, once again, by moving the piano by himself lol.  I surprised him by getting a dresser across the room too 😀  We still have a few things to get done, but we can already tell we love this set up.  Kalila’s complaining about it… mostly just to complain. Its obvious she likes it, just doesn’t like that it was changed if that makes any sense.  I’ll get pics up as soon as I can, but it may be a day or two.

Back to today specifically… When we were bringing the couches in the mail came.  And there was a package from Cow Patties Cloth Diapers.  We weren’t expecting a package… Don’t remember if I mentioned it here or not, but Uncle Trevor had talked about getting a couple for ZJ and we’d had a spot on hold, but we all got busy and forgot and it didn’t happen… so we figured we’d do it at a later date.  Same two prints came.  Txt’d Uncle Trevor.. wasn’t him.  Messaged another friend.. wasn’t him.  Sent Megan an email… and she said someone did get them for us but wouldn’t say who.  So… whoever our fluff fairy was today:  Thank you!   And as always the diapers are extremely cute. In the drier now so ZJ’s prob going to wear one when he wakes up from his nap lol.

Random other news:  I got Kalila’s invites done!  Took a ton and a half of pictures so we could have one of her on them lol.  We ended up with this one (going to be nice and not post them all, although I have several favourites and they are all on FB).

I probably should get back to work around here…


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