Potty Talk

Yeah there’s no way we’re about to actually potty train ZJ right now lol… but he has been doing a few things lately that make it seem like he might be a lot easier to “train” than his sister.

For the longest time now he’s let me know in some way or another when his diaper is dirty. At first it was just bringing me a clean one.  Lately he’s been pointing and saying “poo”.  Yesterday… he took a diaper off of himself too.  That one surprised me as it was a snap diaper and he’s just never done that before. Thankfully he doesn’t seem to be interested in taking them off other than when he’s dirty.

He’s also been interested in his little potty. He likes sitting on it when we’re in there. I’m ok with that lol.  Not pushing, but if he wants to try it… is perfectly ok.

Last night though… Poor thing was (is) grumpy.  He had a night terror and couldn’t stop crying… After a few minutes of it I noticed he was wet and got his diaper off.  As upset as he was I figured some extended air time prob wouldn’t be the worst thing ever and let him sleep naked. I figured we’d have to change the sheets this morning, but ok.

Now I know this was probably a fluke… but I was wrong about the sheets. I woke up this morning with a very dry baby and bed.  I asked him if he wanted to go to the potty… and he excitedly got down and ran to the bathroom where he sat down and peed in it!  Just a little and then begged for a bath and finished his job in there lol.

Sorry I’m proud of the little guy lol. Not about to leave diapers behind though… I don’t think any of us are quite ready for that yet!


2 thoughts on “Potty Talk

  1. Keith says:

    i’m sorely disappointed. I expected vulgarity when I saw the words potty talk. Nevertheless, go big Z! Totally hear you on the cautious optimism, but there’s hope he’ll be a natural before too long.

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