What a Weekend..

This has def been an interesting, and mostly good, weekend.

Baba got tickets to UTSA’s first football game on Saturday.  The kids stayed with one of Baba’s cousins and her mom.  I was a little nervous about how ZJ would do since he’s never stayed with them before… but when we left he seemed to be doing good.  They had markers out and he was having a blast.  The game was just awesome.  Gran and Papa Brian had seats in the family section and we got to go down there towards the end of the game (literally, there was like 3 min left lol).  I had to get a pic of Baba with his mom…  well somewhat with her lol.

Right around the time I took that we saw a message from Aunt Janelle saying Zavier wasn’t doing so well… Poor thing cried almost the whole time we were gone 😦  Teething plus not used to being away from us, I wasn’t surprised just felt bad for everyone involved.  He was very happy to see us when we got there.  Kalila on the other hand was not.  She did not want to leave… apparently she wanted to play hide and seek with one of her cousins and was complaining about it well after we left. She had a blast.

Had dinner with Gran & Papa Brian after. That was nice… esp since they haven’t seen the kids in a long time.  Bub started fussing though and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong until Baba got up from the table.. ZJ got down, walked over to his seat, climbed up, sat down and started eating his beans and rice lol.  He’s sat at the table here once a day or so before… but I’m counting this the start of him really refusing the high chair.  It is official too. He has not let me put him in the one here once since that night!  Locks his knees and screams bloody murder.

On that note and completely jumping around here… I got this picture of him at lunch today.

Thankfully, so far, he is very well behaved at the table.

Anyways… back to the weekend.  Saturday was good. Very good.  We had fun.  We saw family. It was just very exciting.  Sunday… not so much.  Sunday was the bad day out of the weekend.

Sick.  Baba thankfully didn’t really get it this time (and praying he doesn’t). I was hoping it’d be like last time and I’d be able to get past it without getting too sick, but no I was miserable all day yesterday.  And that “lovely” day ended with me finding out that the MDA Telethon had been shortened and moved at midnight last night… right after it ended!   I’m still not happy about that… just seems weird not watching it this year. I wish I’d have known.

Today… Still not feeling 100%, but the weather is great today.  Baba opened the door to let the cats out & was shocked by it lol.  We decided to take the kids to the park after breakfast and had a lot of fun.  Kalila of course has been there several times and was just all over the place. She loves the big slide.  ZJ.. this was his first time there.  He got up on the stuff and played a bit and then started trying to make a break for the water :-/   Then the birds were a HUGE distraction. He loves birds… chased them around for a good bit. Once more kids came he got back up and played on the stuff again. He even went down the slide and said “weee” lol.

After we got home Kalila decided we’re all pirates too.  She put on her hat, grabbed a shovel and went looking for treasure.  I heard her through the door singing the Backyardigans treasure song too lol. She came back in and said she hid it from us cause we’re (Baba & I) bad pirates.  We, of course, started playing along with her talking like pirates… which caused Bubba to say “Arrr”  (too cute!)  and she started asking for the “m&m treasure” lol.  Ended with a bath that included a “pirate ship” and duckie pirates.   I just love it!


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