Getting Out

Back before ZJ was born I took Kalila out for walks quite a bit.  We had several places we could walk to that weren’t that bad of a walk.  But we moved… and besides the playground, which until Monday I hadn’t been to, nothing is really all that close.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s a few places I could walk… but between heat (or cold depending on the season) and 2 kids… I just haven’t braved it by myself yet.  And I thought the playground would be about the same.  But we went on Monday and it was a pretty easy walk…

So yesterday morning I decided to do it again.  Alone.  It went well.  I put ZJ in the stroller and had several talks with Kalila about not throwing a fit when we had to leave. She doesn’t do well with transitions usually (the whole 5 minute warning thing does not work for her… at all) which was another reason I’d been putting it off.   Anyways, talked to her about it pretty much the whole way there.  We left a little too late so there was really only one slide that wasn’t too hot and ZJ, while he was fine climbing up to it, was afraid of sliding down it… so he just stood there and smiled a bit. He mostly climbed up and down the stairs.  Kalila was all over it as usual. Before we left she told me that the big slide isn’t big enough for her anymore lol.  The best part of this whole thing though… was she didn’t fight me about leaving.  She was very well behaved and even held my hand the whole way back.  ZJ fell asleep in the stroller and had a nice nap after.

Today… We’d planned to go again, just a little earlier.  It didn’t happen… Everyone overslept. Well technically ZJ and I woke an hour or so before my alarm. I’m figuring its the molars bothering him, but he laid there and nursed for over an hour, just did not want to budge, and I finally fell back asleep after my first alarm had come and gone.  Kalila was very upset about it though so we all decided to go to an indoor playground.  Once again kids had a lot of fun… and another little boy showed up with his grandmother right about the same time we did, and we ended up having an interesting conversation. Apparently her daughter uses cloth too. She saw ZJ’s Star Wars diaper beneath his onsie and asked if it was a Goodmama lol.  Told her no, its a Cow Patties and she said she thinks her daughter has one of those too.  Didn’t expect to end up talking about diapers when we went lol. Was fun though.

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be able to manage the walk again. Aiming to go more often… I like the little playground here and going more often has been good for the kids this week.  What’s (kinda) funny is I’ve been working on redoing our routines recently and one of the things I’d changed was adding in more outside play (they’ve fought it all summer, too hot!). Had planned to do it here, but like this a lot better.  Some of it will prob still be here, but… We’ll see. Sorry I’m probably rambling at this point. I should go get some sleep lol.


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