Duck Eggs

We’ve had a busy past few days…

Saturday I started to take the kids to the playground like I mentioned… and then realized Saturdays are a bad day for that. It was packed and looked like there was some kind of party going on.  We took a detour and went to watch ducks instead.  Kalila is still talking about the duck eggs she found. I got some cute pics of the kids too 🙂

Sunday… Kalila had her first day of Faith Formation classes.  It was so cute, she got all nervous before we left the house and then hung on to my leg when we got there. Until she saw her friends of course… As soon as she saw them she ran off to play until they broke into classes.  Later that day I caught her trying to teach ZJ too.  She got a bowl of raspberries, sat down and said “Ok Zavier, we’re going to learn about raspberries today!” and then went off on a little mini lecture about them. It was too cute lol. Tia Sallie came over to show us her new car that night and got another cute picture while she was here:

Yesterday.  Baba had to help out one of his aunts so we went back to the Church with him while he did that… The kids played on the playground there for awhile.  Poor ZJ fell twice. He’s ok but you can see he’s a little banged up from it.

Today we’re staying in lol.  Yesterday we ended up out of the house more than expected and noone really felt like doing what we needed to when we got home so I have some catching up to do. Trying to get ZJ down for a nap now so I can start on that.

Other random stuff:

I forgot to send the card paper with Baba this morning (grrrr). Need to get Kalila’s invites out! We decided to send paper ones to grandparents and the kids that we’re inviting. Most others got sent a FB invite.  That was easy enough to do thankfully lol.  I pretty much have everything party related planned out so I don’t have to worry about that thankfully.  Figuring out gifts is another story. I really need to start looking.

I so need to get a video. Kalila has started doing a Zoidburg impression similar to Baba’s. Its hilarious.  She’s still going around saying “my manwich!” too. And you have to laugh or she’ll get onto you lol.

Pretty sure there were a few other things I wanted to post about, but can’t remember and Bub is sound asleep now so I’d better get going! Spoke too soon, he’s up and going agian. Oh well!


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