MPM 19 Sept – 25 Sept


I”m doing a leftover lunch theme this week.  Yes I’m being lazy here… I have too much to do to worry about lunches too lol.  Everything for dinner was picked with that in mind 🙂  LOL  looks like I had more of a theme going than I thought, halfway through the list and so far they’re all from a friends blog.  So far… That’ll change Thurs on 😉


B – Pancakes  D- Roast


B – Eggs w/ mushrooms, garlic & onions D – Cream Cheese Chicken


B – Waffles  D – Meatloaf


B – Bacon & Eggs  D – Veggie Stew


B – French Toast  D – Cheese Enchiladas


B – Pancakes  D – Lebanese Chicken & Rice


B – Cereal  D – Stuffed Peppers


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