Deal & Fed Ex Drama

I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much… because despite the whole mess in getting it the last two days, I got a really good deal. I should count myself lucky there.

Long story short a friend let me know last week that WalMart had pack n play’s going for 13.96 (or something like that). I almost didn’t do it… but we love having one (great for nap times when they’re little) and months ago decided/realized that ours is just worn out.  The plan was to get a new one, but not until we really needed it… which isn’t for awhile lol. I knew when the time came I’d be kicking myself for having to spend that much more for it… so I brought it up to Baba and he completely agreed.  So we did.

And I was really excited about it. Still am… It was a great deal.. and I really like it too. Its a very neutral print. Black and tan I think. I have a pic, but like I said before… my blog isn’t happy with pictures right now. I can try… Nope didn’t work.

But… It was supposed to be here on Weds. The tracking info said it was out for delivery.  Later that day I saw it was updated to show we weren’t home. So not true… And Baba sat by the door the whole time so he would have heard any knocking right? Truck right out front… Everything.  Turns out she tried the doorbell that doesn’t work and broke it.

It did come in today… not anywhere near when they said it would be. Her response was that despite it not needing a signature she didn’t leave it because we have neighbors. When I asked about the doorbell she smirked and walked off. Lovely…

But at least its here… and like I said before, I shouldn’t really complain considering. I’m still excited about teh whole thing too. I feel a little silly since we’re not even near trying for #3 yet… and I normally don’t buy ahead like this lol. Think it was worth it this time though 😉


4 thoughts on “Deal & Fed Ex Drama

  1. kim says:

    i’d be interested in that deal too…i will look it up at walmart. we still keep claire in a playpen because its safer for her. we are moving soon and our new house has a pool so I need to be careful of monitoring her. we have one but I want another one for various rooms/locations.

    as for kalila’s birthday–wow I can’t believe that its here already. Sofia loves strawberry shortcake too. but we are doing a crayola/art theme. Her party is this weekend.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      They don’t have it anymore unfortunately. The thing sold out within an hour and now they have it back at the normal price. I used our p&p with Kalila at ZJ & Claire’s age too but its put away now… partly because its falling apart lol. But the reason it is is from using it so long. I don’t blame you for still using one but my kids climb so the safety factor is gone for us. My plan is to make a rule with the next that only the baby goes in and just to sleep.

      That sounds like a cute theme too! And a very easy one to do lol. I like easy themes 😉 At first I wished we could do her bday this weekend (it’ll never happen, big Church event every year the weekend before) but now I’m glad for the extra time lol

  2. deltaflute says:

    I would contact them. I’m sure there’s a way to track who made the delivery. If they broke the door bell and refused to knock (which normally they’re supposed to do both), then they are at fault. It’s important to complain anyway. If she’s a bad employee, then her supervisor should be aware especially if someone else has already said something. The problem with jobs like that is there’s really no monitoring outside of customers.

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