Kalila’s Guess Date

For some odd reason the other day (the 17th) I got it in my head that it was her guess date (due date) and spent half the day thinking it’d been that day.  Finally took me realizing her bday wasn’t a week away to figure out I had the wrong day.  Not sure why I kept thinking it was the 17th…

But… I have the right date this time lol.  4 years ago today I was “due” with Kalila.  More than ready to meet her 🙂  I can’t believe its been that long. Or that its just a week until her bday.  Thankfully, because I have so much left to do, her party is still about 2 weeks away.  We did get the pinata ordered today (yeah strawberry shortcake theme = it had to be ordered) as well as her gifts.

Speaking of… I had the hardest time figuring out what to do for that this year… We settled on yoga stuff (a mat and cards) because she is still talking about that class a lot and wants to do it. I found a little strawberry shortcake video game that was marked down too.  I hope she likes it, figuring she will though.  A little worried about the mat though… We had some issues with Fed Ex the past couple days (post coming soon lol) and it was the only option for that part.

She got a bday card in the mail from one set of great grandparents today too. Hiding it away until the 28th, but I know she’s gonna be excited. She loves getting cards 🙂

I’d post a cute pic or something but… for some odd reason this thing isn’t letting me put pics up lately 😦  I’m posting some recent video’s of the kids (and her talking about her bday) on FB right now… it should pop up on the little feed on the lower right side of this page when its up 🙂  Sorry not about to fight getting it on here right now.  Not sure why it won’t let me post stuff :-/


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