Party & Well Visit

Sorry posting all together…

Kalila had her well visit today. It went very well. She’s still 34 lbs and is 40 in tall.  This was the first one that they did the eye and hearing exams. She made us laugh by saying she saw a banana when they pointed at the crescent.  They did a colour blindness test too… as expected she passed that one.  When we mentioned fam history the nurse told us to bring that up to the dr, so we did & that got put in our charts.  She wasn’t very happy about getting the shots (got two), but other than that it was good.  Glad we’re to the once a year point though 🙂

The birthday party.

The party was a lot of fun.  Kalila decided she wanted to do Strawberry Shortcake this year and I had fun with that.  We found the cutest pinata and Kalila wanted balloons and everything.

I did a tier cake this year… the bottom was two layers of a whole wheat shortcake with whipped cream and sliced strawberries in between. It was covered in more whipped cream… the top tier was a boxed strawberry cake and store bought icing.  That’s not something I’m doing again, I don’t know if I got the wrong brand or what but it did not taste very good to me and the icing was hard to work with for what I was doing.  Note: I did not take this picture. Our friend Princess did, she got some amazing (as usual) pictures and said I could share some of my favourites here 🙂

Another cake shot by Jenn (my own turned out horribly lol).

Random pics of us all talking and stuff..

None of the kids came until later, so we scrapped the whole sandwiches and juice idea we’d had planned for them and everyone just had bbq.

A couple pics Princess got of Kalila blowing out her candles.  I just love these!  I got a video too, and would love to upload it but not so sure I can get it up. It is already on the blogs FB page…

Kids going after the pinata 🙂

There’s a ton and a half pics of her opening presents so I’m not going to do that to you lol.

Anyway… we had a good day 🙂  One last (of Princess’s) pic before we go.

Btw I’m gonna go ahead and share all 3 albums (mine, Jenn’s & Princess’s) on the FB page and move the widget up so its easier to see.  They should all be easy to get to if anyone wants to see the rest of the pics.


One thought on “Party & Well Visit

  1. Deborah says:

    Love, love, love how the cake looked! (Trusting your judgment on the taste 🙂 ) In my family we joked around (only half joking!) about having my mom put the icing on her own birthday cake, because she’s the only one who can even put it on smoothly to look halfway decent–none of us, not even my mom the resident expert baker–can do the pretty decorative stuff.

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