Sickies and Stuff

Long story short 3 of the 4 of us got sick last weekend… everyone but Baba.  Still not completely sure if it was a virus (Dr M said there’s a nasty one going around and we were in her office right before we got sick) or food poisoning.  We were thinking the first, but Baba didn’t get sick and realized the other night he was the only one who didn’t eat one particular food in our fridge.  So who knows.  Either way, mostly over it now but not completely. Hoping we will be soon, I’m tired of it lol.

Plus… Because its International Babywearing Week there is an event at one of our favourite restaurants here on Saturday.  -> Insert Facebook Event Link here <-  It sounds like its going to be a lot of fun… and there’s some really good stuff being given away in the raffle.  Only problem is not sure if I’m gonna attempt wearing ZJ there or not lol. He’s outgrown the sleepy wrap and I haven’t figured out the ring sling (our only other option at the moment).


Kalila almost always picks out her own clothes, but lately its made for some interesting outfits… Today for example:

Yes, those are pink plaid shorts over her jeans lol. And I love the expression on Franklin”s face behind her!

Yesterdays was too…

Even better yesterday… Silly goose decided her car needed to be washed.

ZJ had fun driving it around first though. I was a bit impressed, he managed to back it out of the spot it was stuck in.

And him hiding away.

Those are freezer things in his hands, not sure why they were out there.. They were brought inside and washed immediately after snapping this pic lol. Mentioning that mostly because while I took the pic he held them up and said “boooooo”.  No clue if he was just showing me what he found or if he was trying to say blue, but that’s how it translated in my head lol.  He knows pink and yellow so its possible… And that’s all Kalila btw. She loves teaching her little brother. Its so cute.

Kalila’s cow girl hat…

Batman Butt

Ok that’s all the pics I’ll post on here. As usual others will be on FB (on my page not the blogs).





2 thoughts on “Sickies and Stuff

  1. danardoyle says:

    Your little ones are so precious! I laughed when I saw the pictures of your daughter. Mine had an unusual sense of fashion at a very early age. We took that girl out shopping in all kids of crazy outfits. I figured I’d let her express herself – no harm really!

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Thanks 🙂 I’m all for it too… There’s a few places we have rules about and a few things that are only allowed at home, but for the most part I don’t see the harm. Its cute and the stage doesn’t really last all that long if you don’t count the whole teenage years thing lol.

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