MPM 17 Oct – 23 Oct

Determined I’m gonna get this posted on time 😉   Seriously though… I’m excited about the menu this week.  I was just saying the other day that I hadn’t been able to really have fun with cooking lately and then we went groc shopping and found some amazing deals & this menu just fell together.  Next week prob won’t be the same lol but still…  And since today’s meal is already eaten I even have a pic for ya this week 🙂

Monday – B – Egg taco’s  L – Leftovers  D -cheese, herb and tomato stuffed chicken w/ green beans and butter pasta (taken from this recipe but tweaked a lot)

Tuesday – B – Oatmeal L – Sandwiches D – Dublin Coddle

Wednesday – B – Waffles L – Leftovers D – Bamya

Thursday – B – Cereal L – Leftovers D – Bubble & Squeak

Friday – B – French Toast L – Mac & Cheese D – Tuna Pasta

Saturday – B – Pancakes L – Leftovers D – BBQ Pizza

Sunday – B – Cereal D – Steaks?

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