Goat Casserole Recipe

Not long ago a friend invited me to write on her recipe blog… Ok maybe it was a long time ago. Several years now…  For some odd reason teh blog got deleted, she’s not sure why… and it was the only place I had any type of hard copy of this recipe.  It made me sad.  Well someone just asked me about Bubble & Squeak and in trying to post a link, I clicked on one of my old ones & that blog came up!  I’m copying my stuff over before something happens again.  Note: Baba’s bday is not on Weds lol… isn’t until next month 😉

Decided to post this here since my hubby decided he wants it for his birthday on Weds lol. Honestly I threw it together last time & thought it’d be iffy… very pleasantly surprised! Amounts very subjective here… going off my memory and I’m sure they’ll change. I measured nothing last time and doubt I will next time either.

1 package goat meat (cubed or cut in chunks)
1 to 2 tbsp Butter (Ghee? Haven’t tried it that way, but sure it’d be great)
Curry Powder
2 cups Brown Rice
2 cans Cream of Mushroom Soup
Water (Milk?)
Salt & Pepper to taste? (don’t think I used pepper)

Preheat oven – I’ll be honest again & say I dont remember what temp (will adjust this when I figure it out lol). It really depends on your pan and stuff too… if you put it at a lower temp make sure you adjust your cooktime accordingly. I think I had mine between 350 and 400 though.  Edit: 400. We do it on 400 now.

Melt butter in pan over medium heat, add curry powder and stir a few times before adding in thawed goat meat. Brown on both sides.

Pour rice in a casserole dish (I said two cups but I just made sure there was a good even amount across the bottom of the dish) and place browned goat meat on top. Top with cream of mushroom soup and use cans to add in water. Should be about double the amount of rice you used or so. When we do chicken casseroles we substitute some of the water for milk and I don’t remember if I did this with here too… I may have. Something to experiment with either way. Salt/pepper to taste.

Cover dish w/ foil and bake in the oven about an hour…

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