Chocolate Pudding and One Lucky Week

Kalila was so proud of herself last night… She helped me make chocolate pudding, even did most of the work.

A few pics of them eating it lol.. You know I had to.  Besides I’m so happy ZJ is getting past the whole texture thing with food.  For the longest time (like until the past few weeks) he wouldn’t touch anything like this.  He just started eating ranch w/ his carrots (has done it twice now) and it took him a good 10 min or so but decided the smell of chocolate meant he better dig in.

To be fair here (since I brought up the texture thing), I guess I should explain why I decided to have her make this last minute… I hadn’t planned on it, but Kalila did such a good job with eating dinner last night. She’s not a big okra person and had been complaining about it  earlier (we were having leftovers). But dinner came and she ate it all up and asked for more okra! Not only no complaints but she decided she liked it all on her own.  That made me just as happy as ZJ eating the pudding if not a little more lol.

Beyond all that, I have just had the best week.  We’re not sick anymore… Things getting back to normal around the hose. Several giveaway wins in a row… Baba picked up my Go Baby Go order on the way home from work tonight.  I think I like the scent of the diaper cream I picked 🙂 And the free gift was a wet bag… always nice to have extra of those lol.   The last giveaway I won was some amber jewelry (I ordered one and got two more for being the 1oooth order lol… so wasn’t expecting that!) and since he worked later than we expected it was in the same bag/got it tonight too. I already have a bracelet on ZJ tonight, looking forward to see how these work 🙂

Sorry pic is fuzzy… not good at taking pics at night. Can’t seem to hold still or something.  Speaking of… its def time for me to get some sleep! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Pudding and One Lucky Week

  1. Deborah says:

    Curious, what’s an amber bracelet supposed to do?

    Glad you had a good week! 🙂

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Its not so much the bracelet part (they make necklaces too, he has that on right now). But amber has some healing properties to it and can help teething pain when worn. Isn’t something for them to chew on obviously… I’ll try to do a post at some point soon 🙂

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