Donuts & Hidey Holes

Aye my daughter…

We got donuts a few days ago.  Kalila usually tries to eat all the top off (by the icing) and leave the rest. Tries probably isn’t the best way to word that… She doesn’t try, that’s what she does. We try to convince her that the rest of the donut is just as good, but we fail… every single time.

Well the other day she “finished” the entire donut.  We were rushing around getting ready for the day at the time and I did question it, but I looked around and didn’t see any donut.  I thought maybe, possibly we’d left that little quirk behind.

Nope… we found the remains tonight.  Stuffed between the fridge and one of the kitchen counters. I’m not entirely sure how she squeezed it in there… Part of me wants to be mad.  I mean… Its gross.  Attracts bugs… We really don’t need that… And she lied to us.  But mostly I’m just impressed that she managed to pull it off.

Yeah we’re gonna have a talk tomorrow though lol.

And on that note (slightly switching gears) I have to say I love how much more we can talk now… We had a really good talk over dinner tonight. It just amazed me. Not that it was anything particularly smart for her age (or in general)… but she started talking about her feelings and why she throws her fits & that’s just huge to me right now.  She made me laugh a couple times too. For one, the fits…. sometimes they’re because she’s sad or mad (of course) but the last reason was hungry. I so get that one lol. I get grumpy when I am too… I don’t really get how she’s getting to that point when she eats all the time, but still.  Then she told me (well this was earlier) that she was going to pray to God tomorrow for the V-tech tablet.  Note: we’ve already told her no on that one. Little goose is trying to (literally) go over our heads lol.

Anyways, I’m gonna finish a little more of this cake and head to bed 🙂


2 thoughts on “Donuts & Hidey Holes

  1. Rae says:

    Kalila is brilliant. I absolutely love that she is now asking God for what you won’t give her.

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