Brother and Sister Love

If you’re on my (non blog) FB page I’ll apologize here, I know you’ve already seen these lol.  I have to share a few of the pics I’ve taken recently though.  Some really cute ones.

Seriously… How cute is that? I LOVE this picture! Kalila yelled at me that he was sitting in her lap, I grabbed the camera and came running… didn’t expect to get one this good (someone is always moving) but.. Here it is.  Probably the best picture I’ve gotten of the two of them yet lol.

They’ve taken to eating together here in this spot in the kitchen… This was during a random snack.  Yes Kalila chose leftover spaghetti lol.

Mad face. LOL Kalila has been coaching him on it… He crosses those little arms and huffs.  Its way cuter than it should be.  And don’t you love her outfit :-/


2 thoughts on “Brother and Sister Love

  1. Rae says:

    So cute! You’d better watch out with Kalila’s coaching, she seems pretty good!

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