Yay ZJ!

ZJ was all kinds of cute this morning… or would have been if it wasn’t so early lol.  He woke up somewhere between 6 and 6:30 and started yelling Gido at the window.  Loudly.  Couldn’t stop him… Finally Baba got up and moved to the couch lol.  That set off a round of ZJ yelling Baba at the door. Loudly.   Tired and slightly annoyed, I rolled over. That set him off again.  He started yelling boob at me. Loudly.  Then he started pulling at me to turn back over.

After he nursed for what seemed forever in positions that are not meant to let mommy sleep through it… He yelled out pee!  Still half asleep I asked him if he needed to pee and he nodded yes.  He’s been nodding and shaking his head no a lot lately.  Like I said half asleep and not really thinking clearly, I asked Kalila to take him. LOL Yeah that didn’t happen.  She said something about not being able to open the door.  Ignoring the fact that she can… She really didn’t need to be getting up anyway. I dragged myself up and ran ZJ to the bathroom.

When we got there he decided he did not want to go. He picked up his potty and showed it to me. I set it back down and he ran out of the room screaming Baba. He looked back at me and crossed his little arms and huffed.  He’s been doing that a lot lately too.  Little Mr Attitude.  After a min or so he walked back in and sat down… and used his potty.

He’s done that before…. but usually its just a little bit and then up to wash his hands lol.  Which usually means an accident very shortly after.  Not always, but usually.  Nope, this time he sat until he was completely done.  Even waited a few minutes in between.  When he was done he stood up, pointed and said Yay!

Proud of him of course, but we have had a couple accidents since then too.  And I hear Kalila trying to put him in time out so I’d better go stop that lol.

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