Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone (that celebrates it of course) had a Happy Halloween. Ours was a lot of fun… ZJ stayed and handed out candy w/ Baba & Gido while I took Kalila trick or treating.  A friend of ours brought her kids and we met up half way and then let the kids run some of the candy off (or wii some of it off, was split half way lol) while we got dinner ready & then ate. Was nice.

The kids… Well… the plan was to dress them like Leela and Nibbler from Futurama.  ZJ’s costume was great.  Extremely last minute, but I managed to pull it together. What’s funny is the third eye was a chocolate eye ball taped to a q tip covered in tape.  It worked though right? 😀  And several people recognized what he was dressed as… He ate it up too, just loved the whole thing!

Kalila’s costume on the other hand… I couldn’t find the stuff to make her eye (I did have a plan for that) and the only purple wig we could find was way too short. Baba thought it’d still work because it was an adult one, but no… but the way it fell worked so we could easily cover up one of her eyes.  Not great, but she was happy with it.  But then Gido decided to give her some “bling”… and she went from being in a mostly unrecognizable Leela costume to one that looked a lot like something I would not dress my 4 year old as.  And by some of the reactions we got while trick or treating…. I wasn’t the only one who thought so :-/

But… She was happy and completely clueless to all that.  Or mostly clueless… I didn’t hear what prompted it but she got a bit of an attitude with someone at one point and told them she was Leela.

A few last pics before I go.. I have a bunch more up on FB as usual, but wanted to get some family ones here too.


2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Rae says:

    Very cute! And at least from this one picture I think that Kalila just looks like a cute kid dressed up and not inappropriate at all.

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