Oops Forgot a Title lol

Sorry this is gonna be a bunch of random stuff shoved together again..

I can’t believe its November. October flew by… most months have lately but this one was particularly bad. Not as in a bad month, just went by faster… Just so much going on and us being sick that week or two made it worse.  I know this one will too though.  This weekend is the Lebanese Festival… and Tia Myra is coming to town too… Hoping we get to see her 🙂 Next weekend is Jas’ bday.  I’ve got to schedule an 18 month visit for ZJ at some point soon, but not sure when its gonna happen lol.

I love sleepy baby smiles..

Have a lot to do today between the sink messing my last few days (spent time working on it instead of other stuff) and going to school with Baba yesterday. Was worth it though… Yesterday was a lot of fun.  We ran into one of Baba’s cousins and ZJ seems to have a little baby crush, stared and flirted almost the whole time and then stared after her when she left lol.  Then during Baba’s last class (note: we weren’t prepared, was a last minute decision to go because ZJ cried when he was trying to leave) I got ZJ to nap on one of the couches and worked with Kalila on reading, letters & numbers.  She surprised me again with it and.. well didn’t just do good with what we were going over, but just behaved very well while we were out.

Have to share a funny story from that though… We started out with at words. One of them was cat.  So. Kalila: C A T.  Kuh Aaa Tuh  Kuh Aaaa Tuh.  Twat!  She later turned kit into twit too… not sure where the tw sound is coming from… but I had the hardest time not laughing over it.

Have to say I’m in love with the new Fly Lady setup online.  I had the hardest time looking at her site before… Liked most of her stuff (still not on board with the shoes lol) but it just gave me a headache to try and look through any of it on there.  Actually printed most of it out for my control journal because of it.  But now… Its nice.

Speaking of… A few weeks back I decided to tweak the weekly plan thing. The way she has it does not work for me at all lol.  Long story short I decided to use her weekly zones to make daily ones.  So far it is going pretty well (despite getting off track when we were sick). I’m still not to where I want to be with everything, but getting there.

And that actually helped with a new change we’ve made around here w/ the kids (more Kalila than ZJ).  She has chores now… Just two. One is from the weekly z0ne (this week is dining room and she has to wipe down the table daily) and one from the daily zone (today is this room and getting toys that shouldn’t be in here out). Chores done equals time on here playing her Strawberry Shortcake game so she’s all about getting them done. The first few days there was feet dragging but now she’s begging to do them instead lol. Which reminds me, I need to refill the vinegar bottle so she can get to that…

Got to wash the kids carseat covers for the first time today… Fun fun.  Neither one of them was easy to get off.  ZJ got carsick yesterday though so it had to be done 😦  Hoping they dry quickly because Baba’s planning on taking them out to pick some stuff up tomorrow morning.  I thought we had until Sunday, but… oh well. Upside is I think its time to recheck that they haven’t outgrown where the straps are at and all that fun stuff. Pretty sure Kalila’s close again. ZJ too… Silly kids growing too fast!

Uggh I think the washer’s stopped and I need to get that done. And dishes.. and lunch. Break time over lol.

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