A couple big things around here lately…

About a week ago Kalila started typing her name on her computer.  She’s had the thing for almost a year, but didn’t really play on it until a few months or so ago… whenever ZJ decided he liked it lol.  At first she just hit buttons on it, but in the past week or two she seems to have caught on to several of the games.  One of them is this “perfect pet” thing. You type in your name and birthday, then mark if you’re a boy or a girl and it picks a pet.  Like I said, she has that down… not just her name either, she can put in her bday too.  She’s done ours too… just memorized how to spell Zavier’s in the last two days.

A few days ago I made an off hand comment about her needing to learn to “write” her name too.  She could write a few letters, all random ones (i, x & p) but for the most part wouldn’t try… Anytime we brought it up she’s say she can’t.  I made the comment about her name and she told me she didn’t have too because she could type it.  *sigh*   But.. apparently it stuck in her head because last night she decided she wanted too.   I have a pic on FB of  her first attempt, but I got a better one today (her second).

She’s also started playing with her e-reader again. It ran out of batteries awhile back and I just hadn’t switched them… after the whole thing at Baba’s school a couple weeks ago I figured it’d be a good idea.  ZJ’s taken an interest too lol.  He seems to prefer the story part more right now (we have a Dora cartridge in lol) and she is stuck on the word wammer game.  Little moles run around with letters and she has to find the ones that are missing from whatever word is at the bottom.

Still going like crazy on her little workbook. I’m taking a bit of a break from it right now though… She’s literally done everything but the letter tracing (which looks like might be a good idea now lol), cutting/pasting pages & ones that needed crayons.  We’ve done a few of those too, but everything else is finished.  She gets going though and literally doesn’t want to stop.

On the other hand we’re having a hard week with potty training :-/  With her anyway… ZJ’s doing about the same. He’s decided he prefers the real toilet though, so that makes things interesting.  Yesterday he stood in front of it trying to get up by himself and started screetching lol.  I felt bad when I saw what was going on (I was washing dishes when it started).

Baba brought home some paintings his Grandmom painted the other day along with some other stuff from Gran.. I got the shelves up in the kids room right away but still working on getting the paintings up. I got a couple of them hung today and the kids are going crazy.  ZJ keeps pointing to the one in the living room and saying pretty 🙂

Yeah couldn’t get a pic of him doing that, but him relaxing after lol.

ZJ started saying “Lila” yesterday too… He still calls her Lala about half the time, wondering if that’s gonna stick as a nickname. Kind of hope so.. its cute.

Hoping this one isn’t a repeat, but we had to move up getting ZJ new shoes. We were going to do it for Christmas, but the other day he started complaining and when we checked they were just way too small.  I can’t believe he’s in a 6 already!  He picked out which ones he wanted again… wasn’t my favourite, but he really likes them.

Baba’s birthday was on Friday… was a pretty good day. He had to work, but still… Kalila made him a really cute card and was just so excited about the whole thing.

And I guess that’s really all unless I start getting into the fun stuff like housework… Most, no pretty much all, of our plans lately have fallen through.. I’ve been exhausted (really odd, not so great dreams not helping matters any) so the last week has been a blur other than the stuff I’ve mentioned about the kids.  I need to do our menu for this week, but tonight we’re meeting Baba at work and eating with him & Gido.  Either I’ll do it late tonight or tomorrow morning.

Eta –  Missing cord to camera so pics will be added later today. Dinner was nice.  Kalila cracked us all up though, asked why Baba was acting like a waiter lol.


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