Too Tired For a Title

Found the cord, this post from a couple days ago now has pictures on it.

Started thinking about Christmas gifts… actually have two figured out and almost bought thanks to the blogger deal Melissa & Doug did.  If I could just figure out how to get my code to work on the checkout page…

Thankful right now for having at least one real life friend I can discuss NFP with. Who understands (and laughs with me over) the kids stealing and hiding my thermometer AGAIN.   Yeah charting without it this cycle :-/

Somewhat randomly decided to try my steam mop a couple days ago… It stopped working about 2 years ago and I missed it… I love the mop we got for the wood floors, but the tiles… nothing has worked on them.  I was fighting with that and decided I might as well try… and it worked! Nice clean kitchen and bathroom floors now. Makes me happy.

Baba decided to try something new with Kalila… She’s been missing him since he went to work, so he told her she could stay up until 10 and he’d read her a story.  It hasn’t happened yet lol. She’s fallen asleep right around her bedtime every night since.  But.. she’s not throwing a fit about it either.  The last few nights have been great.  I can’t remember any night terrors lately either.

Speaking of sleep… ZJ has been doing… well its not exactly new, he’s done it before in the last few months, but more often lately.  He wants me to go to bed when I put him down… so if he’s not completely out or hasn’t been asleep long enough when I do he wraps his arm around my neck and pulls me down with him lol.  Is a little uncomfortable but really cute!  He did it again tonight and every time I tried to pull away he did it again and smiled at me.

I need to get some new video’s. Hopefully they’ll post too.

Pretty sure there was something else I was going to mention, but brain fuzzy…. Oh well.


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