Thanksgiving & Stuff

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Ours was fun. I missed my family of course… but we had lunch with my MIL and her husband and dinner with my FIL’s family.  I got a ton of pictures at the first… and then forgot about my camera the second time around. I’ll put up the ones we do have when I can, but not just yet.  But yeah the kids had a blast, first running around with dogs, seeing horses and climbing trees… and then later Kalila with her cousins. Hit me how much she’s growing up seeing her there.

Backing up a bit…  We did a turkey dinner here late Weds night.. and our turkey killed our kitchen. LOL  Water spilled out of the pan (hole in bottom, we didn’t know) and shorted out the nini. Everything on that side of the kitchen went off (including lights).  An hour later Baba & Uncle Trevor decided to move stuff and see if they could plug the stove in elsewhere and figured out how to get it back on.  After it happened again we figured out the problem. *sigh*  It was a late late night lol.

Kids are sitting here sorting out poker chips again lol. Apparently that’s a big sorting toy now… they just love it.  That started yesterday I think?

I got reminded this morning that I am not a morning person lol.  Got up before 6 to wait for a black friday sale to go live and missed everything I was going to get by seconds.  Thankfully she’s going to have cuts of the same prints available on Monday so not even missing out. Any other time I wouldn’t have been upset (esp with the Monday thing), but way too freaking early.  Went from about 10 minutes of being in shock that they went that fast to another 10 wanting to cry because I’d gotten up so early.  Laughing at myself now.  Note for the future though, stick with ones that start at midnight, I’m a much happier person around then lol.

Edit:  She had one still up that I’d gone back and forth over during the previews.  Is a doggie print and ZJ loves dogs, he’ll adore it.  Between that and realizing as long as Baba doesn’t change his mind, this should mean I can get them all AI2’s makes me really happy with the way it worked out.

Is also the extent of my black Friday shopping lol.  Using other deals on the kids gifts… between swagbucks, the gift card we got to Melissa & Doug (which I got an email, is already shipped!) and another store giving a $10 off coupon… already getting some great deals.  Not so worried.

Sad… Our Rumparooz has officially died. Before Cow Patties this was our cutest diaper… obviously not so much anymore, but is still pretty cute and I will miss it.  No hopefully I can get the elastic changed out at some point (and hopefully that will fix it), but I don’t think its going to happen anytime soon.

Ok, stuff to do… should at least try to get to it lol.  Pics later.

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