Another Quick Catchup

Yeah I know I’m bad about posting lately… and reading too.  Trying to catch up on that here and there when I can.

Baba has his final next week. His final final lol.  So excited…

Kalila has learned to buckle herself into her carseat completely by herself. She’s so proud of it too lol. Does a little dance afterward.  We still check to make sure everything’s straight and the chest clip is in the right place of course, but so far she’s done really well.

ZJ, seeing his sister, has decided he wants to do it too… only does the chest clip part, but still lol.

Having to get onto Kalila lately for picking her brother up. She grabs him around the waist and carries him around :-/  He’s almost as big as she is so it scares me a bit.

Made a turkey and dumpling recipe the other day that was way too good. Needs some tweaking, but I may end up with a post on that at some point lol. I’ll prob do chicken again next time, but was using leftovers.

The toys we got with that M&D promotion came in last week… they’re still in the box and hidden of course.  Need to get to the rest of the Christmas shopping asap since we’re doing it all (well other than ZJ’s clothes) online this year.  I found another store with a promotion so I’m pretty excited about that too.. isn’t the same as this last one, but is still pretty good.

One of our Black Friday purchases came in this week 🙂  Yeah we didn’t go crazy on BF…  hit one sale, the Cow Patties one because the prices were too good and ZJ really could use the extra diapers.

Sorry not the best pics, got em with my phone that evening lol.

I was gonna try to put up some newer pics of the kids but the program I use isn’t working right :-/  Always something right?

Pretty sure therés stuff I’m forgetting too, but oh well.  Now that ZJ’s asleep I really need to get back up 🙂


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