Santa & Jobs

Seriously this has just been the best week.  And to top it all off Baba got a call the other day (yesterday? day before at most) about a job he’d applied for.  They scheduled the interview for this morning.  He said it went well and they told him they’d call by the end of the day about the next step in the whole process.

After he came home we got ready and went to go see Santa. The kids were supposed to get haircuts too, but that fell through.  We couldn’t find a place nearby…  Anyways had fun at the mall.  Kalila did a ton better, wasn’t afraid of Santa one bit. They even talked a few minutes after.  We were kinda lucky there, went at a time when there was absolutely no line or rush.  ZJ was afraid of him and would not smile (in fact the best shot of Kalila they got we couldn’t get because he had a huge frown, was kinda bad). But… He did let him hold him, which Kalila would not do at that age. Or until this year lol.

We got home about 10 to 20 minutes ago. ZJ is passed out on the bed.  I’m trying to stay awake lol…and Baba just got the call. He got the job!  So excited for him.  He graduates next week and starts pretty much right after that.


3 thoughts on “Santa & Jobs

  1. Rae says:

    So I am way behind on commenting, but congratulations! This is wonderful and must be such a relief!

  2. Deborah says:

    Congratulations! I’m way behind on blogs because I’ve been unpacking (our shipment arrived, hooray!). But now that I know, I’m very happy for you both! 😀 I hope he loves the job.

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