Time for a Nap

Seriously we were up around 6:30 this morning… I am more than ready for ZJ to go down.  Doesn’t help that its cold today either.


Poor Kalila isn’t feeling well.  Her voice started going yesterday and then the cough set in.  Thankfully that’s all it is so far.  She’s starting to milk it a little too lol.

ZJ is beyond excited today.  Apparently the wind is just right that all the airplanes are coming in right over our house.  Even when they’re farther away he gets excited when he hears one, but now its way more obvious and he’s been standing at the window screaming “Paypay!” for hours now.

Remembered again that I really need to do a post on the amber teething necklaces.  It’ll prob be on the other blog since its kind of a review or at least there will be one involved.  I have to say I’m completely sold on these though.

We got all our Black Friday diapers in the other day. They are too stinking cute.  I’ll be nice and not post all the pics, but here’s one of ZJ in one. He’s waving bye to Baba lol.

I posted yesterday (? Maybe day before…) on the blogs FB page about being pleasantly surprised at how many sweet comments I was seeing aimed at the Duggars right now.  I knew there were some really ugly ones being said too, but hadn’t seen them. Well I officially have… in more than one place (some more expected than others). I really don’t get why people think its appropriate to bash someone when they’ve just lost a child. I don’t care if you disagree with them, its just not right.  Same applies to the family in Australia a few weeks ago (or so) and the recent circ deaths.   They’re hurting.   Enough people 😦    (stepping off soapbox now)

On to something cute…  My son stole my seat a little while ago. Love how he set up Kalila’s computer on the desk lol.

I forgot to post this the other day… But here’s a pic of Baba on Thurs.

Kids doing yoga…  & yes I know a lot of my pics are blurry for some reason lately. I’ve been trying to fix that :-/

Ok, gonna get this boy changed and see if I can get us him down for a nap lol.


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