Latest Random

ZJ said Ni-Hao today…. The kids haven’t even watched Nick in awhile… I’m confused lol.  Repeated it several times though and when I asked him if that’s what he said he nodded. I’m guessing his sister…  This is only the latest new word though, there’s been several a day lately (although the rest are all English lol).  Nuts (for almonds), door, light… I’m sure there’s others but I’m tired and that’s what’s coming to mind.

Baba started his new job yesterday.  Very excited about it still… The kids were a bit upset yesterday when he left before they woke up, but they seem to have adjusted already.  Well… ZJ woke up this morning and saw him off, but still… they did a lot better today.

Got my FlyLady calendar in the mail the other day.  A bit silly, but I’m happy about it.

ZJ decided to help me wash dishes today…  pulled up the chair and just got to work lol.

Kalila decided to help me too… by washing Baba’s socks.  6 of them… full load for 6 socks. I about cried when I saw it lol.  And of course I didn’t catch it until it was almost done.

LOL Kalila just screamed “Help!” from the other room… ZJ was in my lap, looked up and said “Help?”, got down and ran to her.   I love it!

Kalila saw her first sunrise this morning. She looked out the window and said something about seeing rainbow colours in the sky… I looked up, saw what she meant & explained it to her. She was so excited that she told ZJ all about it when he woke up.

And obviously I did not post this last night like I meant too. Oh well.  Lots to do today so I’m off.



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