February Yet?

No the new year isn’t quite that bad yet lol…  but I am looking forward to Feb for multiple reasons.  I knew before it ever started Jan was just going to be a rough month… I am enjoying it or trying to despite how crazy its been… but part of me is counting down the days until Feb.   Reason I bring it up is hopefully there will be more posts at that point.

Somewhat connected to that… I know I’ve pretty much gone down to bare bones on this blog.  Family stuff only.  Sorry… If anyone is actually interested in my thoughts on anything else (LOL) you’re just gonna have to wait. I don’t have the time or energy… and I did tech start this blog just to give updates about the family anyway.

Switching sub’s completely. I forgot today was MLK day… Not sure how I forgot, but I did.  Made plans to call the school today since interviews for next year are coming up next month and then it hit me this morning…. They aren’t there, they’re at the MLK March.  So going to do that tomorrow…  As much as part of me isn’t ready for Kalila to be in school, I’m really hoping she gets in for the fall. I know she’ll be ok if we have to wait until Kinder, but still… She’s more than ready & so excited about it.

Took the kids to the mall yesterday to play and ended up having a lot of fun.  First off ZJ cracked us up.  We had to walk by a lingerie store and he looked up in the window and said “mmmmm nummy!”  I know its bad, but still… we couldn’t help but laugh.  Then we got there and of course Kalila goes right up to the big slide.  She went down and then as soon as she hit the bottom we saw little Mr ZJ fly right down after her! I completely was not expecting him to do that. He went several times and had a blast.

Baba’s still enjoying his new job.  Looking into graduation pictures for him. Hopefully I’ll get to share those at some point lol.

Added perk of his new job that I hadn’t thought of… since he’s off weekends again, I get to go to the SANP meetings again.  I’m very much looking forward to that.

And that’s it for a post today… this week… maybe the rest of the month.  Kinda kidding.. We’ll see. I’ll try to get pics up when/if I can.


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